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The superior standard of the products is the result of much dedication and care in all stages of the production of its seeds, from the planting to the storage. Fazendão is always investing in technology and qualification, always using the best methods and services for a high standard product.

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Soy Deactivated

Deactivated soybeans are one of the most important inputs in animal feed due to high protein and energy concentration.

Soybean meal

It is considered the main protein ingredient in the feed mix for cattle, pigs and poultry presenting high nutritional content

Degummed Soybean Oil

The oil obtained through the processing of soybeans, and is an excellent source of energy for monogastrics, such as swine and cutting birds, which require energy consumption.

Agricultural inputs

In addition to the industrialization, receiving and storage of grains, the unit markets all the necessary inputs for farming

Warehousing Service

Fazendão Agronegócio provides Warehousing services. Our Warehouse is registered by MAPA and is certified. We count with a trained team, laboratory of high level and classification area to better serve you.

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15 years

Success Story

Fazendão Agronegócio is a company incorporated in 2004 to contribute to the development of agriculture in the country working with receiving, drying and storage of soybeans, grain processing, oil extraction, agroindustrial products marketing and resale of agricultural inputs

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Matrix - Cariri

ROD. BR 153, KM 659, HARVEST 02

Warehouse Cariri

ROD. BR 153, KM 659, HARVEST 03

Warehouse Gurupi

ROD BR 242, KM 407,101

Branch Palmas

812 South - Alameda - Lt 19 - Q18

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